Welcome to BJORN PRESS.

We are currently messing about with our website. Please don’t mind all the paper fluffies . . .

We’re a full-fledged letterpress shop with 16+ years of letterpress printing experience.

Quality is our no. 1 goal.

Most likely we’ve printed wedding invites, business cards, or posters for someone you know. We’d love to print something for you too!

Currently taking new assignments:

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    or call: 801 377 1310

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Posters we’ve printed here:


More posters: The Family, Ursa Major, and The Eye here:


We’ve also got a few cards available including “Seeds” pictured top and the four “Flora” pictured at bottom. Inquiries welcome.

See a few photos of our letterpress work below.

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Detail of “The Cloisters” design by Deborah Knudson